A Brave New World For Remote Workers And Cat Lovers

Remote Workers And Cat Lovers

A couple of students from Taiwan invented the ‘UFmeow’ desk for remote workers and cat lovers. Combining creativity and ingenious design, cats can stay closer to their owners without interrupting their work. 

It’s not a secret that pets help with stress relief working from home. Most remote workers have gone through this difficult time thanks to their pets (59.6%), especially cats. In fact, 26.8% of remote workers said that their relationship with cats improved thanks to the pandemic. In addition, 57.1% of cat owners said that cats are happier since they work from home. 

But that’s not the only truth about remote workers and cat lovers. From the same survey, 43.2% said that cats interrupt their work in many different occasions:

  • Sitting on top of them or their computer (43.7%) 
  • Making noise to get attention (27%) 
  • By being cute or funny (14.3%) 
  • Becoming the “zoomies” (11.1%)
  • Making a mess (4%).

Most importantly, over 38.4% recall at least one time when their cat “Zoom bomb” a video conference. Two Tawainese students took the challenge and invented a unique desk for human-feline coworking. 

From Shu-Te University in KaohsiungWu, Tsung-che (吳宗哲) and Chang Yu-ting (張瑀庭) took inspiration from cat towers. Winning the government-sponsored Golden Pin Design Award 2021, the desk meets both human and cats’ needs. There are a glass bowl, a bucket-shaped space, and a multi-level structure to climb and play among the cat-friendly features.

Here is the video launching the projects: 

Remote work shifts are impacting not only the workplace but also daily habits. This new invention will be soon launched on the market, offering unique solutions for remote workers and cat lovers. 


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