New Co-working Project For Black Entrepreneurs

black entrepreneurs

Last Sunday, the IF Lab opened in Philadelphia to target black entrepreneurs. As the trend for alternative workstations continues, co-working spaces specialize in different fields to provide courses and resources to participants.

Cofounders Tayyib Smith and Meegan Denenberg launched the IF Lab program in their Kensington co-working space. The project starts after a few considerations. The black population in Philadelphia is over 43.6% of the city’s population. On the flip side, black entrepreneurs and business owners are just a quarter of business owners (6.3%).

The new co-working space targeting black entrepreneurs will officially open in 2022, and it will provide: 

  • Space to work with 10-20 businesses simultaneously.
  • A library and small tech center,
  • Co-working with membership basis and technical assistance.

The project aims to provide resources and courses for any type of business, focussing on entrepreneurs and providing an inclusive and safe space. 


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