Middle East Entrepreneurs Concern About Digital Resilience

digital resilience

The Middle East has always been a hot destination for digital nomads and tech enterprises. A recent study shows entrepreneurs are concerned about digital resilience.

After the pandemic, the Middle East increased its initiatives to attract remote workers and digital nomads in the area. Improving digital infrastructures, the country aimed to create an IT hub to lure international companies and talent. 

However, most local entrepreneurs show concerns about digital resilience. A recent global research by A10 Networks provides an overview of future technology requirements. The Enterprise Perspectives 2022 study surveyed almost 2,425 senior application and network professionals. The research covered the UK, Germany, Southern Europe, Benelux, Eastern Europe, Nordics, USA, India, Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Here is the finding among 250 enterprise organizations in the Middle East: 

  • 92% of entrepreneurs share concerns about enterprise digital resilience, mainly related to external changes, customer experience, or development practices.
  • 75% of respondents notice a 42% average network traffic increase in the last 12 months.
  • Further, 75% will opt for a private cloud-based network environment.
  • However, 47% of respondents still is concerned about security and is failing to meet SLAs.
  • 36% of Middle East respondents have their employees working in the office full-time – the global feature is 62%. So, these data show the concern about private digital infrastructure. 
  • Middle East is one of the regions testing 5G technologies implementations (34%). Further, it ranks n. 8 in the global ranking for artificial intelligence and machine learning implementations – 26% of companies implemented these systems in the past 12 months. 

Entrepreneurs’ concerns around digital resilience show the shift toward virtual workplaces and flexible schedules. Tech infrastructure and cloud services are now top priorities for business owners worldwide.


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