Dubai: Hottest New Destination For Remote Workers

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After the pandemic, Dubai is the hottest destination for remote workers. As a result of effective remote policies, most UAE employees want to continue working from home. And digital nomads and remote workers are moving to the city worldwide. 

Why Is Dubai The Hottest Destination For Digital Nomads? 

Remote Working Infrastructure

According to the ‘Most Connected Countries’ index by Carphone Warehouse, Dubai is the third best city for connectivity and digital infrastructure. The UAE government invested millions in building remote work infrastructure in the past few years. As a result, the city has the fastest mobile internet speeds globally (238.06 Mbps) and thousands of dedicated co-working spaces for companies and individuals

Shorter Work Week

In the era of work-life balance, Dubai is one the best destination for remote workers seeking a short work week. Last December, the UAE government cut the workweek to four-and-a-half days. In addition, it’s the only Arab country considering the weekend Saturday-Sunday instead of Friday-Saturday.


Because of its geographic location, Dubai is between multiple time zones, allowing working with companies in Europe, Africa, or Asia. The same goes for traveling. 

Remote Work Visa

In March 2021, the UAE introduced a new Remote Work Visa, joining a worldwide trend for digital nomads and remote workers. Remote workers can live in the country and work remotely, providing proof of a one-year employment contract with a £3,840/month minimum salary.

The visa lasts one year, and it costs £220/person, with additional costs for health insurance. 

No Income Tax

Finally, Dubai is one of the best destinations for remote workers because of low-income taxes. Following Portugal’s example, foreign remote workers pay just a 5% value-added tax (VAT).

In addition to incentives for startups and tech businesses, Dubai is a vibrant city for innovative entrepreneurs and cautious travelers – the hottest destination for remote workers! 


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