Microsoft India: Flexible Remote Options Are The Future Of Workforce

flexible remote option

India is preparing to reopen businesses after the second COVID-19 wave. A Microsoft India report shows that 3 in 4 Indian workers (74%) prefer flexible remote work options. However, 57% of remote employees feel overwhelmed as digital infrastructure increases in the country.

Hybrid models and flexible remote options will be the future core strategy for most Indian companies. 

According to Microsoft India’s first annual ‘Work Trend Index,’ 73% of business owners redesign office spaces to accommodate hybrid and flexible options. Most employees prefer flexible and hybrid options. However, 73% said that they are missing in-person time with colleagues. 

As a result, hybrid and flexible remote options will define the future of the workplace after the global pandemic.

“As every organization fundamentally reimagines itself for the hybrid work era, we are collectively learning and innovating on how we will shape the future of work in India. It’s time to embrace work as a frame of mind, not a place you go.”  Rajiv Sodhi, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft India

So, after a year of remote work, the time spent in Microsoft Teams meetings has more than doubled globally. 62% of Team meetings are unscheduled, and calls get longer. in addition, the average Team users participate 45% more in group chats per week and 42% more in discussions per person.

Based on these survey on hybrid and remote preference, most Indian companies are implementing flexible remote options. 


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