Lyft Will Sublease Its Office Space in 4 Cities Due to Remote Work 

woman working remotely

Lyft Inc. announced this week that it would sublease a significant part of 4 of its biggest U.S. offices, as many employees are working from home. The company will put 275,000 of its 615,000 square feet on the sublease market in its San Francisco office. It will also sublease its New York City, Nashville, and Seattle offices. 

Remote work keeps gaining terrain and, as a result, continues transforming their work structures. Lyft, is a clear example of this, as while they continue using their offices, they are reducing their space due to remote work.

Lyft Subleases Office Space in 4 U.S. Cities

Rachel Goldstein, Lyft vice president, said in a statement that the company is reducing its office space as a response to an increase in underused space.

“While we continue to believe that in-person connections are important, many of our team members opted to work remotely after we shifted to a flexible workplace strategy,” 

In March, the company announced that it was shifting to a fully flexible workplace for all of its 4,000 employees. The company continues to adapt its real-state strategy as its what works best for everyone, given the current situation. 


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