Low Stress Jobs For Introverts (100% Remote)

Low Stress Jobs For Introverts

Finding low-stress jobs for introverts can be challenging in a world filled with open-space offices, networking parties, and loud conversations. If you’re an introvert, the world might seem biased against you. 

Where being loud translates to being confident and happy, your subtle approach to life can be mistaken as anti-social. For a long time, introverts have been treated as an anomaly in society- unfit and isolated. However, things are now beginning to change slowly but surely. With a widespread acceptance of remote work, time, and location independence, introverts finally get the chance they deserve. 

If you’re an introvert looking for options for a career transition or a starting point to begin your low stress career, you’re in the right place. In this article, we shall explore different low stress jobs for introverts. But first, let’s understand how remote work helps introverts.

How Remote Work Helps Introverts

The following graph from a survey conducted by the Myers-Briggs company during the COVID-19 pandemic shows that introverts performed better than extroverts while working from home. 

Low Stress Jobs For Introverts

Source: The Myers-Briggs company (link)

If you’re an introvert, here’s why you’ll outperform others in a remote work environment:

  1. You’ll derive your energy from being alone.
  2. Remote work removes social pressures, enhancing your mental and physical health. 
  3. With flexible schedules, you have more time for yourself. There’s enough time to pause and reflect. 
  4. It allows you to escape the din of the office into a quieter environment of your choice. 
  5. Virtual meetings are less overwhelming than speaking in a large meeting room. And your extroverted colleagues are less likely to dominate a virtual discussion. 

Here’s a scientific explanation for this: Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure. It is part of the reward system in our brain. The chemical is released every time we make a new connection and talk to people. While extroverts have a high tolerance level to dopamine, enabling them to speak to many people at once, introverted people have a lower tolerance to it. The overstimulation of dopamine in an introverted brain can quickly become tiring. 

Remote work can provide the right amount of stimulation for an introverted brain.

13 Low-Stress Jobs For Introverts

Low-Stress Detail Oriented Jobs

1. Publisher’s Reader

A publisher’s reader reviews submitted manuscripts, evaluates if they can be marketed, and suggests modifications. They’re also known as editorial assistants, first readers, etc. 

How is this a job for introverts?

Most parts of the job involve reading through interesting submissions and suggesting modifications. Since the job is time and location independent, you can do it from a place that enhances your productivity. Additionally, the job does not involve a lot of loud meetings. 

Average Salary: $40,000/year (Indeed)

2. UX/UI Designer

UX and UI designers focus on studying  user behavior and work towards enhancing user experience. They pay attention to detail and try to understand what works for their clients. Most of their job is behind the screen, reviewing numerous user feedback documents to understand what works.

How is this a job for introverts?

If you’re a UX/UI designer, most of your job will involve listening to client feedback or reading through it. Introverts tend to be good listeners and good observers. 

Average Salary: $76,000/year (Glassdoor)

3. Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, you can tell a story through the visuals you create. You’ll need technical knowledge of industry-standard software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Canva, and others. Your responsibilities include creating visually appealing images, thumbnails, infographics, and motion graphics. 

How is this a job for introverts?

Graphic designers spend most of their time behind the scenes, in front of their screens. They can work from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, since introverts generally have an eye for detail, graphic designing can be a perfect job for them. 

Average Salary: $52,000/ year (Glassdoor)

4. Writing Jobs

Writing jobs include content writing, and copywriting, among others

Content writers are professionals who write SEO-optimized articles, informative newsletters, and blogs. Copywriters are more involved with product marketing by creating catchy phrases and one-liners. They also create brand awareness and are at the forefront of advertisement campaigns. 

How is this a job for introverts?

Most often, writing jobs require a peaceful environment. As an introvert, you´re likely to be naturally drawn to such environments. Moreover, you can do the job from the comfort of your workspace. 

Average Salary: $43,000/year (Glassdoor)

5. Video Editor

The increase in video content and infotainment channels on YouTube has driven the demand for video editors. If you have a technical understanding of industry standard applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and others, you can become a video editor.

How is this a job for introverts?

Video editors have a detail oriented task, with minimal interaction with people. Most editors are given complete freedom to edit videos and explore their creativity. You can make an impactful video sitting from your home office. 

Average Salary: $68,000/year (Glassdoor)

6. Computer Programmer

Computer programmers are proficient coders, designers, software developers and testers. If you’ve an understanding of computer languages like C++, Java and experience with CSS and HTML, why not become a computer programmer?

How is this a job for introverts?

Computer programmers have a detail oriented role. Generally speaking, introverts have great attention to detail and are focused. Additionally, programmers are not required to be loud speakers. Their work does the speaking for them. 

Average Salary: $81,000/year.

7. Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers are responsible for keeping track of accounts and financial affairs of a business. Bookkeeping is a detail oriented job and does not require an academic degree like that of an accountant. 

Why is it a job for introverts?

Bookkeeping involves keeping a tab on company accounts. You don’t have to interact with multiple people in the company or convince them to rethink their model. Since introverts tend to be detail oriented, bookkeeping is a good career choice.

Average salary: $40,000/year.

8. Data Entry

While most data entry jobs today are automated, there is still demand for humans. It is a detail oriented job which requires keenness to detail. 

Why is this a job for introverts?

Data entry jobs do not require constant verbal communication. They’re perfect for introverts due to their detail oriented nature.

Average salary: $25,000/year

Slow-paced, low-stress jobs

9. Photographer 

If you’ve got a camera at home and an eye for lighting and aesthetics, you can start shooting theme-based photos for stock photo websites. Technical knowledge about cameras and photography is a must-have for taking up this profession/ side hustle.

How is this a job for introverts?

These gigs are relatively stress-free as you can build a  pace that can suit your standards. They can be done remotely with minimal interaction with people. You can listen to or read about the demands in the market and get going. 

Average Salary: $49,000/year (Glassdoor)

10. Captioner

Captioners are experts in transcribing movie and TV show audio. If you like watching movies, TV shows, and videos, and putting the speech into words, captioning is the job for you. 

Captioning generally supports individuals with hearing impairments or foreign language audiences. 

How is this a job for introverts?

For most parts of the job, you’ll listen to sounds and put them in words. It requires minimal human interaction and a low level of stress. You can do the job remotely and with flexible schedules. 

Average Salary:$52,000/ year (Glassdoor)

 11. SEO Specialist

SEO Specialists work towards optimizing content for the search engines. If you have a working knowledge on how search engines work and an understanding of key words, the job as an SEO specialist is for you. 

How is this a job for introverts?

SEO specialists work on content optimization. They have good writing skills and know how to make content visible on the search engines. Most parts of the job can be done sitting at home without the need for having loud conversations. 

Average salary: $55,000/year

Jobs for introverts over 50

12. Sell On Etsy

If you’ve experienced selling collectibles and craft works in a boutique, why not hop on to the online marketplace?

Etsy provides the perfect platform to reach out to overseas customers and expand your business. 

How is this a job for introverts?

Selling on Etsy does not come with deadlines. It is stress-free and can be done remotely. Regardless of your age, you can consider Etsy as a platform for starting a new career or expanding an existing business. 

Average Salary: It depends on the scale of your business.

13. Drop Shipping Business

Starting a drop shipping business can be an excellent way to switch careers and opt for a remote way of life

When you’re in the drop shipping business, you can own a store without owning an inventory of the goods. 

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you have the technical know-how to make a custom-made T-shirt. 

  1. You receive an order for a custom design. 
  2. You make the design and send it to a T-shirt printing company. 
  3. The printer ships the goods to the end user (your client).

Thus you can sell goods without actually owning an inventory. 

How is this a job for introverts?

The entire process, from start to finish, happens within the confines of your space. The business runs at a pace you’d like it to run, with no hassle. 

Average Salary: Depends on your capacity.


1. Are there any jobs for introverts with no experience?

Yes, there are plenty of jobs available for beginners. For example, content writers, graphic designers, SEO specialists and photographers don’t need to have any professional experience to start. However, you’ll need a demonstrable skill set to apply for any job. 

2. Are there any high-paying jobs for introverts?

Yes, introverts can take up high-paying full-time remote jobs or opt to freelance. Jobs like UX/UI designing, editorial assistant, and others are high-paying jobs.

3. Is it normal to be introverted?

Yes, it’s normal to be introverted. The present work culture has unjustly stigmatized introversion. It’s not a medical condition and does not need any treatment. 

4. Can I be introverted and successful?

Yes, you can be introverted and successful. Introversion does not have any correlation with success/ failure. Many “successful” people like Albert Einstein, Issac Newton and civil rights activist- Rosa Parks were known for their introverted nature.

5. Are there any jobs for introverts without a degree?

Yes, there are many jobs for introverts without a degree. Photography, content writing, graphic designing, selling things on Etsy, and setting up a drop shipping business are skill-oriented jobs. You don’t need a degree to take up these careers. 

It’s Normal To Be Introverted

In a world that favors extroverted people, opinionated speakers, and fast-paced workers, you can easily be pushed into thinking that you’re not normal. In a 2019 survey, the Myers-Briggs company said that 40% of all top executives are introverted, 40% of senior managers are introverted, and 49% of employees are introverted. The survey breaks the myth that introversion is an anomaly in society. It’s normal to be introverted. 


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