Logitech Launches Affordable Webcams For Remote Workers

Webcam for remote workers
Photo by Emiliano Cicero on Unsplash

For those seeking a more reasonable, high-quality webcam, Logitech has unveiled a new line of models. People who often use video-conferencing services and wish to join digital meetings with higher camera and audio quality can choose between the Brio 300 and Brio 305 from Logitech.

Brio 300

The camera on the Brio 300 includes two megapixels and several resolutions, including 1280×720 and 1920×1080 at 30 frames per second. RightLight 2 software, included with the camera, automatically changes brightness and contrast to counteract low or unnatural indoor lighting in order to “create a natural presentation”.

The webcam contains a built-in mono microphone that can pick up voice from four feet away and suppresses background noise. The camera connects with a USB-C connector and may be attached to a laptop or display. A camera shutter entirely rotates from the lens’s center to the webcam’s top for improved privacy.

Off-white, graphite, and rose are the three colors available for the Brio 300 camera, which has a speckled look due to its partly post-consumer recycled plastic construction. The Brio 300 is priced at $70.

Brio 305

The Brio 300 and Brio 305 are quite similar in terms of style, functionality, and features, but according to Logitech, the Brio 305 is enterprise-focused and was designed with remote and hybrid employees in mind. Similar to the Brio 300, the Brio 305 delivers two megapixels, 1280×720, and 1920×1080 resolutions at 30 frames per second. The Brio 305 uses a USB-C connection to connect to a monitor or laptop and has the same audio and camera quality as the Brio 300.

According to Logitech, a large number of remote and hybrid employees participate in virtual meetings with subpar lighting, audio, and camera. Brio 305 is compatible with Logitech Sync, allowing managers and company owners to remotely oversee devices and handle IT-related problems.

Additionally, Brio 305 runs Logi Tune, which enables staff members to manage their equipment and adjust the audio and camera settings for their webcams in one place. Brio 305 is constructed of post-consumer recycled plastics and is certified as carbon neutral. This webcam is also priced at $70.

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