Lithuanian monastery for Digital Nomads

Lithuanian monastery for digital nomads

As travel restrictions are getting lighter, more long-stay initiatives pop up in Europe. And a Lithuanian monastery opens for digital nomads. 

Founded in 1662, Pažaislis Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the country. The Lithuanian monastery for digital nomads is in the heart of Kaunas Reservoir, near the second-largest city. 

Lithuania has already launched an attractive initiative for digital nomads and outdoor lovers. And it follows a European trend. For example, Croatia launched several initiatives targeting remote workers and digital nomads. The idea is to promote long-term tourism connecting with the local economy from villages to festivals.

Following this example, the monastery provides hotel rooms in traditional architecture. And local restaurants with European wines and traditional food. 

Digital nomads and remote workers can spend the summer working in a traditional monastery with nuns. Remote work opens new opportunities to get in touch with local culture, giving traditional buildings and cultures new life. And this monastery for digital nomads is one of the first examples. 


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