Remote Workers Can Work From Treehouses In Lithuania

Lithuania remote work treehouse
Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Lithuania encourages you to work from home in the Baltic country. Lithuania Travel is positioning itself as the next “workation” destination.

Five sites throughout the country have a very stable internet connection and a distinctive appeal:

  • Varena Treehouse
  • Farmers Circle
  • Monte Pacis
  • Tech Spa
  • Light House coworking and coliving

The Varena Treehouse, located near Vilnius, allows you to work amid the canopy of a peaceful forest. Do you want to travel with a group of people? Farmers Circle, an organic farm that doubles as an ultra-calming office near Radikis, can accommodate up to 45 people.

Consider staying at Monte Pacis, a monastery-turned-hotel in Kaunas, if you’re attempting to check in from the most unusual location on your next Zoom call. Lithuania Travel recommends visiting Tech Spa, which has co-working rooms as well as mud baths in the same location. Finally, travellers seeking a beach getaway will find it in Lithuania. Light House is a co-working and co-living place located less than two miles from the beach.

Currently, there are no COVID-19 entrance restrictions for visitors to Lithuania. There’s also no need to wear a mask.

If you’re looking for some more options, Bali is a great destination for remote workers because it offers a 5 year visa and tax-free stay for digital nomads.

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