Expansion Co-working Footprint in PH in Q4

co-working footprint

KMC Solutions (KMC) announced the expansion of its local co-working footprint.

KMC is one of the largest co-working space providers in the Philippines. The country has been punching on remote work following the global trend after the pandemic. And as demand for flexible workplaces keeps growing, the company decided to expand its existing space. 

The plan includes several improvements scheduled for Q4 2022. Here are some goals for the expansion of the co-working footprint: 

  •  2,047 sqm serviced office floor and 361 seats ( Alabang)
  • 7,251.2 sqm floor with 1,301-seater (Cebu)
  • New space in December (Lexmark Plaza 1)
  • 1,150-sqm co-working office 205 seat expansion (Skyrise 4A)

The idea is to provide 121,487 sqm of floor area and 23,008 seats in 28 buildings across the country.

Cushman & Wakefield reported a 16.2% vacancy rate in the Philippines. Despite the growing number, remote work is offering new opportunities. And demand for flexible workplaces grows. According to the firm, more companies are opting for hybrid arrangements yearly. And membership with flexible co-working spaces is a solution for employers and employees. 

As the KMC director said: “We no longer have to suffer hours in traffic to get to the office,” Reyes said. “Deconsolidation is the way to go. By having access to many co-working spaces, we enable flexibility and convenience while ensuring productivity and efficiency.”

So, this co-working footprint expansion is another example of a global trend towards hybrid arrangments. 


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