Job-Seeking Generation Z Graduates Prioritize Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Employees working together

A recent report by Forbes shows that Gen Z graduates prioritize different needs while searching for a job. They prioritize mostly hybrid or remote work, stronger mental health support from their employers, diversity,y and inclusion through the company and a focus on career growth. 

According to an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Wisconsin, Kemei Sugiyama, students who did their studies online during the pandemic are those who have strongly shifted their viewpoints. 

“This is a generation that has a very strong social consciousness”  Kemei Sugiyama

Gen Z-ers don´t only prioritize being well paid when choosing a job, but according to the research, they also want to make an impact. For Sugiyama, leaders and companies should take a step back and rethink their recruitment strategies, focusing on flexible and adaptable work. 


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