Over 60% of Job Seekers Want to Find Remote Opportunities

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According to a study by ZipRecruiter, 60% of people actively looking for jobs are looking to find remote work opportunities. 20% want a full-time remote job, and 40% prefer to work most of the time remotely but don´t mind having in-office days. 

The pandemic transformed the way people worked forever. It´s no longer about working from home; for most, it’s also about having the flexibility to choose where and how they want to work. And while some companies are eager to bring their workforce back to the office, others know that the best way to attract better talent is by giving them what they want: remote work. 

Job Seekers Want Remote Work 

ZipRecruiter conducted a study to understand the latest remote work trends in job search and hiring. The main key finding is that more than 60% of job seekers are hoping to find remote work opportunities. 

Most job seekers got used to working from home due to the pandemic. And the reasons why most of them prefer working remotely have changed.

At the beginning of 2022, health and safety concerns were the main reason for 49% of respondents. The percentage reduced to an average of 33% in the third quarter. Commuting costs started to become a major concern for over 50% of respondents and increased to 64% in July and August. Additionally, over 34% said in July that the rise in gas prices made them look for a work-from-home job. 

The study also found that 14% of job seekers are willing to earn less to work remotely. 

Other key findings are: 

  • The percentage of women wanting remote work remains above 65%, which means retaining and hiring women is a valuable benefit. 
  • There are gaps between remote work preferences and opportunities. About 37% of jobs in the US could be performed remotely, but only 25% of job postings offer remote work in the tech industry. 

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