InMobi Is Taking Its Employees Back to the Office

Office environment

Naveen Tewari, CEO of InMobi, a mobile advertising tech company, is making employees return to the office. As he mentioned, working from home leaves little room for innovation and collaboration, so he believes onsite work produces better results. 

While many tech companies believe productivity doesn’t depend on where you work but on how you work, Tewari strongly believes that remote work affects its company.

InMobi Will Return to the Office

For Naveen Tewari, onsite brainstorming is necessary for all levels of the workforce and shouldn’t be only for some teams. He believes that onsite work encourages new ideas and products that on Zoom are harder to achieve. 

In India, Covid-19 cases have reduced compared to a few months ago. However, recently, they slowly started to rise again, with over 12,000 new cases daily.  

But still, InMobi is decided to re-install the office model back again. During an interview, the company´s CEO mentioned that it’s clear that they will not continue to work remotely. However, they will ensure their employees are right adjusted before this shift happens. 

Besides brainstorming, productivity, and collaboration, Tewari believes that it’s good for employees to return to offices for training. The lower impact of training on remote work makes it challenging for people to learn from seniors and peers, while in an office environment, this is easier. 


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