The Priority For Job Seekers Is Remote Work 

job seekers priority

According to the latest Bankrate’s February 2022 Job Seeker Survey, the priority for job seekers is remote work. 

After over two years of the pandemic, most employers and employees got used to hybrid and remote arrangements. As a matter of fact, most people prefer this flexibility compared to a return to the office. And a top concerns for job seekers is remote work. 

According to the Bankrate survey, virtual and remote work arrangements are still the best option for most people: 55% of workers and job seekers’ priority is remote work. And women prefer more than men flexible and remote work hours. The company surveyed almost 2,500 adults among employees and job seekers. 

Here are their finding based on employees and job seekers’ priorities: 

Pay rates

  • 52% of workers prioritize higher pay at work
  • 55% of workers feel underpaid compared to their peers (60% Black employees, 56% white employees, 49% Hispanic employees).
  • 45% of Generation Zers are feeling underpaid. 
  • 54% in Generation Xers 
  • 57% of millennials 
  • 62% baby boomers 

Job security

  • 34% of Americans are concerned about job security
  • In the next 12 months, 51% of US employees might look for another job.
  • During the past year, 35% of workers asked to change their current role.
  • 33% of employees found a new job.

Despite individual preferences, the priority of employees and job seekers is still remote work and flexible arrangements. 


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