Gender Gap & Remote Work: Women Prefer Working From Home More Than Men

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According to a new Flexjobs study, women are more attracted to remote work options than men. According to the survey, 68% of women would prefer a remote workplace post-pandemic than 57% of men. In addition, 80% of women put remote options as a top benefit in a job position, versus 69% of men.

FlexJobs interviewed over 2.100 people between March and April of 2021. The respondents are either still working remotely or just returned to the office. With 550 men and 1600 women, the responses show notable differences based on gender. 

Reasons Why Women Prefer Remote Work 

  • 70% of women are happy not to get dressed up for the office, versus 57% of men.
  • 60% of women prefer the working hours’ flexibility schedules, compared to 48% men.
  • Without remote work options, 60% of women would look for a new job, and 52% of men would quit.

As much as it is true that remote working mothers are more likely to suffer burnout than working fathers, women prefer remote work options. After a pandemic year, big firms across the US are opening new conversions about benefits on childcare for remote working parents

While post-pandemic strategies are slowly taking over, hybrid options pose the question on career advancement in remote positions. Interestingly, 26% of men, versus 17% of women, had the feeling that their professional skills suffered during the pandemic. In addition, only 13% of women, compared to 20% of men, believe that working remotely hurts chances of promotion or advancement.

The impact of the pandemic on the job market opens new questions about whether the gender gap will increase or not with remote work.

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