Italy Published Their National Protocol on Remote Working

Village in Italy

Last week, the Italian Government published a protocol that addresses remote working in the private sector. The Protocol provides a legislative framework on remote work and establishes guidelines for collective agreements. 

The pandemic impacted the way businesses performed and the protocols and regulations governments had for employees and employers. In different countries, new laws and policies have protected employees’ right to work remotely. And the latest country in implementing a remote work protocol is Italy. 

Italy’s New Remote Work Protocol

The Protocol provides voluntary recourse to remote working. Employees and employers should agree to their working terms, complying with the applicable collective agreements. The agreement needs to specify the duration of the modality, when employees are going to work remotely, and when at the workplace. Additionally, the Protocol specifies that there should not be any disciplinary consequence if an employee refuses to agree to the contract. 

Additionally, The Protocol established that employers need to provide employees with the necessary equipment to perform their jobs. And it remains their responsibility to ensure compliance with health and safety obligations. 

Employees in Italy will be free to choose where they want to work. 


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