Ireland’s First National Network of Remote Working Hubs Launched

Ireland remote working hubs
Photo by Jason Murphy on Unsplash

The first national network of remote working hubs in Ireland has been launched with 66 facilities across the country.

An online booking system will let people book desks, co-working spaces and meeting rooms. Remote employees, small business, freelancers and startups can now book desks and meeting rooms from the 66 hubs. The Irish government is aiming for more than a 100 hubs to be listed on the website by the end of 2021.

Ireland currently has about 400 remote working hubs and the plan is to get all of them on the network.

“If the hub is already signed up as a member of, businesses and individuals can book and pay directly via the booking application on the Connected Hubs platform.”Department of Rural and Community Development Spokesperson

Any of the hubs, whether or not they’re a part of the network can be searched on the website as long as they’ve been mapped and surveyed by the National Hub Survey.

“The Connected Hubs team are on-boarding more hubs to the booking engine and this network will grow over the coming months and years.”Department of Rural and Community Development Spokesperson

Some of these hubs have enterprise support that can be useful for start-ups and small businesses.

“Each individual hub will be able to manage their own operation through the platform and set their own price. Some hubs vet their clients because their business supports target specific types of customers, and this can be facilitated through this platform too.”Department of Rural and Community Development Spokesperson

On Monday, Heather Humphreys, Minister for Rural and Community Development, launched the network in Swinford in Co Mayo.

“This will help to give young people the choice to stay closer to home while pursuing their careers and also to encourage people living in cities to consider moving to a more rural location. Throughout this pandemic, so many of us have experienced the benefits of remote working – reduced commutes, more time spent with your family, increased footfall in towns, a lower carbon footprint. The Connected Hubs Network provides the perfect opportunity for workers and employers to embrace a ‘blended working’ model, and to find the balance of hub, home and office working that works best for them.”Heather Humphreys, Minister for Rural and Community Development

Ireland surely is moving fast with the development of remote working hubs. This launch will help many remote workers and small businesses to find working spaces with ease.

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