In Ireland 56% of Employees Will Exclusively Apply for Flexible Jobs

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A new survey by Indeed found that 56% of Irish adults say that they will only consider jobs that offer flexible working or full remote work in the future. The survey also highlights that 38% of respondents said they would only consider job offers with hybrid or flexible arrangements.

Although the pandemic situation is still unstable, it has been possible to return to the office for many companies. However, employees are still fighting for remote working rights, and in some cases, are willing to quit their jobs if employers don’t offer any flexibility. In Ireland, remote work has gained ground, with most employees saying that applying for a job not only depends on salary but also on flexibility. 

Irish Workers Want to Work Remotely

Indeed’s survey also indicated that 64% of employees’ views of what they prioritized and looked for in an employer have changed because of the pandemic. Among the survey’s findings:

  • For 52% of respondents, it is important that employers have health and safety guidelines to protect against covid and future public health issues. 
  • 49% are looking for increased flexibility in working, with at least 2 or more days to work from home.
  • 26% want their employees to provide team-building opportunities.

According to Pawel Adrjan, Head of EMEA Research at Indeed, employees all over the world are expecting employees to offer flexible working opportunities. 

“In a tight labour market employers looking to fill roles will likely need to think about how they can tailor opportunities to meet these expectations. Against a backdrop of inflation and rising labour costs it is clear that many workers expect generous pay increases to tempt them to change roles.”


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