Interest in Remote Crypto Jobs is At Its Highest According to Google Trends


A Google Trends study on internet searches for “remote crypto jobs” over the past five years indicates that the search index reached a score of 100 through June and July of 2022. This represents a 614 jump over the same period in 2021.

The pandemic led to a significant increase in the number of WFH jobs. Most companies continue building remote work policies that enable employees to have flexibility in how they want to work. This happens even more among tech professionals with more facilities to do their jobs anywhere. 

614% Increase in Remote Crypto Jobs

Tech is one of the areas that have more remote jobs. And currently, there is a strong interest in the crypto area. A Google Trends study for the term “remote crypto jobs” find out that over the past five years, the search index has reached a score of 100. 

Through the period of June 2022, it represented a 614% jump over the same corresponding period in 2021. 

According to Raj Kapoor, Chief Advisor at Acryptoverse, demand for remote jobs continues booming despite a tight labor market. Blockchain technology continues to attract maximum interest in the tech sectors. Blockchain, in particular, was topped as LinkedIn´s most in-demand hard skill. And as the pandemic proved that white-collar work can be done anywhere, the interest is bigger for employees looking for remote crypto jobs. 


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