Intel Prioritizes A Hybrid Work Model

Hybrid work

Intel is prioritizing preparing its employees for the future of work by embracing a “hybrid-first” approach to its operations.

Intel is attempting to build a a better workplace that gives their employees more choices to make them feel valued.

“…dynamic, flexible, and inclusive workplace that enables all of our 110,600 employees to do their best work.”Christy Pambianchi, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Intel

Intel is leveraging its own data and analytics to guide its work decisions, rather of quickly adopting new policies in response to each unclear hurdle the pandemic has brought.

For example, the company gathered employee feedback from around the world to figure out what kind of arrangement they liked, and found that 90% of respondents favoured hybrid arrangements when offices reopened.

The bulk of Intel employees, according to Amber Wiseley, vice president of global benefits at Intel, will follow a hybrid approach that allows them to balance their time between remote work and being in the office.

Certain employees, such as those in labs and production, will, nevertheless, be required to stay onsite full-time by Intel.

Depending on their role, a smaller percentage of employees may be able to work remotely full-time, although such personnel will still be required to visit Intel facilities as necessary.

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