Digital Nomads Keep Increasing 

digital nomads increasing

According to recent statistics, digital nomads have been increasing by 131% since 2019.

After the pandemic, most companies allowed remote working policies to give more flexibility to their employees. For example, recently, Airbnb allowed a digital nomad policy. Now, employees can temporarily work in over 170 countries. A report from MBO Partners found almost 17 million Americans called themselves digital nomads in 2022 – over 131% since 2019.

The data don’t include only freelancers and independent contractors. Most digital nomads have traditional employment (66%). As high skills individuals, digital nomads work across diverse industries making different outcomes. About the impact on the economy, Dr. Rochelle Haynes, CEO of Crowd Sourcing Consulting and head of research at the Association for the Future of Work, said: “In the worst state of the economy, we were still seeing an increase in digital nomadism, especially among those who are highly skilled. Talent is going in this direction, and companies should be paying attention. We’re seeing more people resigning and seeking other opportunities because they’re re-thinking their work-life balance and work experience.”

Additional research shows 81% of digital nomads are delighted with their lifestyle – compared to 68% of non-digital nomads. So, the trend is likely to keep going throughout the years. And the number of digital nomads will keep increasing. 


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