Remote Work Positions And Freelancers Are On The Rise

remote work positions and freelancers

According to several reports and surveys, most US hiring managers expect an increase in remote work positions and freelancers in the upcoming years. Even a post-pandemic scenario, remote and hybrid models will be most popular for most companies and businesses.

For the Upwork Inc. report 2021, the company surveyed over 1,000 hiring managers. According to their findings, 40.7 million Americans (28%) expect to work remotely by 2026. To clarify, it means 4.5 million more people than in the 2020 third quarter pool.

Remote work brought numerous benefits to both employers and employees. Statista confirms these data, expecting 86.5 million freelancers and remote work positions by 2027 (50% of the total workforce).

Finally, a recent study by Microsoft shows how remote work reduces time-wasting collaborating across internal departments. Also, Upwork points out how, in the right conditions, remote work can help communications and productivity. 

As Upwork’s chief economist, Adam Ozimek, said: “Already, the data is showing spillovers in management practices and signs that businesses are increasingly able to collaborate with those outside the firm with greater ease. While much remains to be seen, the case for remote work as a driver of productivity going forward is strong.”

Even in a post-pandemic scenario, remote work positions and freelancers are likely to be most popular in the upcoming years. 


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