The Demand For Remote Work Experts Increases as Companies Start Implementing Hybrid Models

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According to employee survey data, at least 70% of knowledge industry workers want a hybrid workplace. After two years of the pandemic, companies debate the best management practices. Consequently, the demand for remote work experts has increased, with businesses needing help to build their modern hybrid workplace structures effectively. 

The pandemic brought different trends in the workplace, such as the “Great Resignation” phenomenon and an increase in fully remote or hybrid structures. However, companies are still navigating into these new flexible environments and are seeking experts’ help. 

The Challenges Businesses Are Currently Facing

According to Tsedal Neeley, professor of business administration at Harvard, remote work is not going away. And business owners are concerned about doing it the right way. That’s why there’s an increase in the demand for remote work experts.

Even when the pandemic ends, remote work will continue to grow. However, although businesses are implementing hybrid structures, they are unsure of how flexible their policies should be—for some, making employees come to the office while working the others day from home works. For others, full flexibility and freedom is the right way.

According to Bloomberg, Lynda Gratton, professor of management practice at London Business School, says that the pandemic brought an opportunity to reimagine work. There’s a global shift in work, making companies redefine traditional structures. 

Nicholas Bloom, Standford economic professor, who was one of the pioneers of researching about remote work, after talking to more than 300 companies during these past two years, concluded that “hybrid one.” Allowing employees to work from home increases productivity, improves retention rates, and motivates teams. 


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