Future of Remote Work Study: “72% of Businesses Lack Hybrid Work Strategy”

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According to 2022 The State of the Industry: Future of Work survey, over 72% of businesses lack a hybrid work strategy. While most companies want to move forward with a hybrid working model, they are unsure about how to do it.

The Future of Work study focuses on gaining insights from senior executives regarding the current remote work trends, the challenges to overcome, and the technologies they use to conduct their businesses.

Future of Remote Work Study: Main Results

The pandemic proved that remote work works. This experiment led most businesses to change their working structure completely. But not shifting it towards a fully remote model, but to a hybrid one. However, many challenges lay ahead.

According to the study, most organizations struggle to implement hybrid work strategies and technologies. Lack of innovation, insufficient oversight, and cultural shifts were the three main barriers to successful hybrid work. 

These are the main results from the survey:

  • Hybrid model by default by 2024 – 81% of executives believe that hybrid work will be the primary working model by 2021, with 56% of work done offsite.
  • 72% of businesses lack a detailed hybrid work strategy. And 76% don’t have the right KPIs to support hybrid working models
  • Tension between what employees want and what companies prefer – 86% believe employees want a hybrid work model, but 64% of employees believe their companies
  • 100% of respondents believe a hybrid work model will attract young talent. 

View the full study here 


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