5 In-demand Remote Positions in 2022 

in-demand remote positions

After the pandemic, statistics show a growing trend towards remote hiring and hybrid arrangements. And in-demand remote positions and hybrid arrangements dominate the 2022 market.

Companies in cities like Dallas are embracing remote hiring as a standard practice to build teams and projects. According to Flexjobs, companies offering remote positions increased by 12% last year. As a result, the jobseeker platform analyzed over 13,000 job listings from 5,800 companies on their database. 

As a result, these are the most in-demand remote positions that companies are offering in 2022:

  1. Customer service representative: As a customer support to solve issues regarding products or services, this position is between customers and companies. [Average salary: $40, 223]
  2. Recruiter: With the rise of hybrid arrangements, companies request recruiters to handle interviews, job offers and the onboarding process. [Average salary: $53,327]
  3. Accountants: As distributed teams become the norm, companies request accountants to file taxes, update financial records, managing income and expenditure accounts. [Average salary: $52,442]
  4. Executive Assistant: Supporting businesses with their correspondence, executive assistants are a crucial role for managers and CEOs. [Average salary: $58,338]
  5. Project manager: Working across different departments, project managers design resources, prepare a budget, and monitor progress. [Average salary: $75,743]

As flexible arrangements are still the most popular, there are the most in-demand remote position in 2022. Even when governments lift restrictions, most people and managers prefer flexibility and virtual models.

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