Houston is One of the Best Cities For Co-Working 

houston co-working

According to a new report, Houston ranks n. 8 best city for co-working spaces. 

After the pandemic, most companies and employees opted to flexible workplaces instead of stable offices. And Houston has been one of the most active cities in attracting remote entrepreneurs and startups.

So, it’s a surprise if CoworkingCafe lists the city as the best for co-working. Houston has 208 reported co-working spots and facilities in its metro areas. For example, the state of Texas provides 652 co-working spaces. So, the city of Houston has a strong network for remote workers and startup.

The company analyzed the area, including 15 cities within the Houston metro. Out of 208 locations, 154 are in Houston city. For example, Sugar Land provides over 10 co-working spots, followed by areas like Katy, Spring, and The Woodlands.

The number of co-working members has tripled since 2015. Considering the increasing preferences for remote work, statistics expect this number to increase. Houston already ranked high in other reports, and the city is growing authority among tech startup owners and IT businesses. 

Here is the US cities with the highest number of co-working spaces with Houston: 

  1. New York: 594 
  2. Los Angeles 588
  3. Washington, DC: 295
  4. Chicago: 279
  5. Dallas – Fort. Worth: 261
  6. Atlanta: 252
  7. Denver: 218
  8. Houston: 208
  9. Boston: 198
  10. Bay Area: 171
  11. San Diego: 153
  12. Miami: 152
  13. San Francisco: 134

Despite the numbers, Houston is also the best city for co-working because of the local hub.


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