Hong Kong’s Biggest Landlord Launches Flex Space in Edinburgh Tower

Hong Kong building
Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s biggest landlord in the Central business district is launching its first flexible office space in the Edinburgh Tower. Two floors of the building were turned into a 320-desk flexible workspace for working in a different environment. The leasing terms range from three months up to three years. 

From private floating pods to creative coworking spaces, the workspace structure is changing forever. The pandemic changed the way people worked but also where they worked. Now that restrictions are being lifted all over the world, a lot of companies are offering flexible working. And employees are also looking for different places to work. 

Hong Kong Land New Flexible Working Space

With 25,000 square feet, Centricity Flex opens today on the 17th and 18th floor of the Landmark Edinburgh Tower on Queen’s Road Central. The new coworking space will help the century-old landlord capitalize on tenants changing needs for smaller offices and shorter leases as the pandemic has made many companies continue to implement the remote work model.

We want to have a relationship with you and then we move that relationship forward for many years, so it’s not just a short-term relationship; we want to have a relationship for generations. It is also an extension of our services to our current tenants as all facilities in Centricity Flex are open to them. It’s not really coworking, but flexible facilities.Raymond Chow, Executive Director

The company is one of the few big landlords in Hong Kong, with Swire Properties, to operate flexible office spaces. However, it’s estimated that coworking spaces become increasingly popular as firms no longer want to pay millions of dollars in long-term leases. The post-coronavirus scenario in the workplace is predicted to consist of a mix of remote work and office work. 


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