Greenville Ranked Top City for Remote Workers

Greenville remote workers
Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

In a recent study, Greenville was named the best city in the country for remote workers, and in the upcoming years, substantial expansion is predicted.

Work-life balance, cost of living, and general environment were all assessed as part of a study by lifestyle site RentCafe on what makes a city appealing to remote workers. People now have the freedom to work anywhere they choose thanks to remote employment. Greenville, according to the Chamber of Commerce, is a fantastic location for that.

Even while there are still hundreds of open positions, the chamber predicted that the number of remote employees will rise and provide a new dynamic to the workforce. They expect it will spur even more growth in the region.

“There’s no doubt about it as great as our community is right now, it is not without opportunities for improvement. Specifically in areas like housing, infrastructure, transit, we can, and we must do better again if we’re going to be best prepared for this growth that we anticipate. I’d much rather live in a community that is growing as Greenville is versus many communities right now that are experiencing the opposite phenomenon.” Carlos Phillips, Chamber CEO

According to Phillips, a significant portion of the continuous growth is due to tourism, as more individuals choose to make Greenville their permanent home as a result of increased tourism.

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