Gravity Ceo Remote Policy: “If You Get Your Work Done, That’s All That Matters.”

Working remotely

As companies continue navigating through hybrid work and new policies, Dan Price, Gravity CEO, made a simple put, powerful work-from-home approach. What matters is that people get the work done, regardless of their location. He summed up his remote work policy in just 10 words: “If you get your work done, that´s all that matters.” 

While most Wall Street firms are re-opening their offices and calling back employees, other companies encourage remote work. After conducting an internal survey, Gravity realized that most still wanted to have the flexibility of working remotely. So, what was the solution? Allowing employees to choose. 

Gravity 10-Word Remote Work Policy

Price polled employees to find out where they wanted to work. These were the results:

  • 7% prefer working in the office
  • 31% requested work/home office hybrid solution
  • 62% said they wanted to work only from home. 

So, what was the best solution? Let them do whatever they want. Or, in the words of Price “Do whatever you want. As a CEO what do I care?” 

Dan Price tweet

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