Morgan Stanley Limits Remote Work for Financial Advisors

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley continues to push its back-to-office policy, limiting the number of days its financial advisors can work from home. From July 1, advisors will only be able to work remotely for 90 days per year. They can apply for an alternate work location, but this will depend on their manager’s approval. 

In many cities across the U.S., the COVID-19 situation is better, and overall the number of deaths and infections has significantly reduced. Consequently, although some companies embraced the remote work model, others can’t wait to return to the office. 

Most Wall Street firms, for instance, are looking forward to having their employees back at the office. Companies like Goldman Sachs now demand employees return to the office 5 days a week. 

Morgan Stanley Limits Remote Work Days

Beginning July 1, financial advisors will be limited to only 90 days of remote work per year. Advisors will be able to apply for a different work location, but this will likely depend on different factors.

Criteria such as length of service and membership of production-based recognition clubs will be applied for the alternate work location. Additionally, advisors who work remotely will have periodic remote inspections. 

According to a statement from the company:

“We developed our long-term approach in consultation with advisors and are offering different options to enable them to maintain flexibility that balances their needs as well as those of our clients and our business. Flexibility options will differ by employee based upon role and eligibility.”

Morgan Stanley continues to encourage staff to return to the office, taking guidance from medical and governmental authorities. The firm’s latest policy and timing have been differed by division, business, teams, and geography. 


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