Google Search Trends: Remote Work is Growing

Google search bar

According to Google data, global searches for “remote work” and “back pain” are the highest they have ever been. Since Google started recording data back in 204, search interest in back pain has increased. However, since the pandemic started, the term remote work has skyrocketed. 

Almost three years since the pandemic started, thousands of companies worldwide have shifted to remote work. While not all leaders agree with remote work, many are transforming their traditional office setup into a hybrid one. And Google search trends reported an increase for the search term “remote work.”

Google Data & Remote Work 

Google data revealed that the search for “back pain” and “remote work” has been at its highest. This has led to creating a hypothesis and studying more about a possible link between remote work and back pain and posture. 

Overall, Google searches for remote work are at an all-time high, increasing levels that were not seen before the pandemic. Most people looking for remote jobs also look for aspects related to remote work (such as work-life balance, tools, etc.).


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