Google Employees Not Pleased With Remote Work Pay Decrease Policy

Remote work pay decrease
Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

According to reports, people are prepared for pay cuts to continue working remotely. Google employees have a different opinion.

According to some remote workers, such pay cuts would mean financial losses which aren’t worth staying with their current employer. Others believe that remote work comes with extra expenditure like home internet Rand other devices and tools that they need to pay for and a pay cut won’t help that.

Mike, a senior software engineer at Google, moved places during the pandemic. He prefers to continue working remotely but because of Google’s remote work pay decrease policy, his pay cut would be equivalent to four years of pay increases. 

“Any pay cut is unacceptable, and it’s been presented as a ‘take it or leave it’ proposition. Google is telling us to vote with our feet if we don’t like the situation. I love the work we do, but that’s a lousy bargain.”Mike, Senior Software Engineer, Google

Some Google employees have already experienced a remote work pay decrease while Mike is waiting to see if Google changes this policy. Google has reversed a lot of pay-related decisions in the past and Mike is hoping that history repeats itself.

Many Google employees have expressed that a pay cut is unfair but many leaders feel that employees will save money on commute and living in a lower cost area will mean lower monthly expenditure so it’s a fair deal.

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