Google Approves 85% Staff’s Request To Work Remotely

Google staff will work remotely
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Google has approved 85% of the company’s workers’ requests to work remotely or to relocate after the reopening of its offices.

Google is among many other tech giants who are adopting a hybrid work model after the pandemic and

In the recent months, Google saw around 10,000 applications asking for remote work approval or for approval to work from an office In a different location.

As per an email written by Google’s Head of Human Resources Fiona Cicconi, 15% of the applications were rejected because these employees’ jobs required special equipment or in-person time with customers.

“And some organizations have made a commitment to invest in key growth sites and are working to build their teams and critical mass in those particular hubs.”Fiona Cicconi, Head of Human Resources, Google

Google staff was to return to office this September according to the company’s plans from earlier this year. Just last week the return to office date was changed to Mid October. Vaccination is a mandate for all Google staff that returns to office.

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