Goldman Sachs Employees Will Be Returning to the Office in June

Goldman Sachs
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Goldman Sachs told its UK and US employees that they will be returning to the office in June. In an internal memo, the company announced that their workers need to start making plans to return to the office by June 14th in the United States and June 21st in the United Kingdom.

A couple of weeks ago, JPMorgan’s CEO revealed his opinion regarding remote work. Despite managing teams successfully throughout the entire pandemic, the bank is ready to return to the office. And its long-term plans are to continue with an onsite structure rather than a hybrid one. And it looks that Goldman Sachs shares similar ideals. 

Goldman Sachs Will be Returning Soon to the Office

In New York, most employees will be returning by mid-June. The main reason is that the city has strongly implemented vaccination programs, and restrictions have been lifted. On the other hand, in the UK, the government has more restricted measures limiting social contact. Yet, in June, it’s expected for the government to lift those measurements, allowing employees to return to the office.

According to an internal memo obtained by CNN business David Solomon (CEO), John Waldron (President), and Stephen Scherr (CFO) wrote:

We are focused on progressing on our journey to gradually bring our people back together again, where it is safe to do so, and are now in a position to activate the next steps in our return to office strategy.

However, working from the office does not appear as an obligation. The executives established in the memo that they are still committed to giving employees the flexibility to manage both personal and professional lives. And employees who can’t get back to the office during that date can work on different arrangements with their managers. 

Exceptions remain in other regions such as Latin America and India, where employees can continue working from home due to the critical situation.  


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