Goa May Launch a Digital Nomad Visa

goa digital nomad visa

According to recent reports, a Goa digital nomad visa may become a reality.

After the pandemic, digital nomad visa schemes bloomed everywhere. After a few years after the first pandemic hit, the central government started talking about a program for long-stay travelers.

The aim is to boost the local economy, attracting more diverse types of tourists. Goa has always been a popular destination for travelers. Now, it may also become a top destination for digital nomads. As Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte stated: “We are talking to the PMO, the Union tourism minister and the Union IT minister. I believe the issue has been taken up with the minister for external affairs also. If we are able to open up the digital nomad concept, Goa has a lot to offer.”

The government is evaluating how to implement practical solutions for remote workers, following the example of other countries. The idea is to attract high-income remote workers working abroad and willing to visit India for an extended time. With several co-working spaces and amenities, Goa will be ideal for a digital nomad visa. 


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