New Global Accelerator Program for Black and Minority Entrepreneurs in South Africa

Global Accelerator Program

Venture Noir and Remote Year launch a Global Accelerator Program for Black and Minority entrepreneurs. 

Venture Noire is a non-profit organization committed to improving black quality of life through professional development. On the other hand, Remote Year is one of the most popular communities for digital nomads and remote workers

The new Global Accelerator Program for Black and Minority entrepreneurs will last 8 weeks. The two companies will bring together 15-20 US-based startup founders for the first edition to Cape Town and Johannesburg. The project In The Black aims to improve blacks and minorities’ quality of life, promoting workforce creation and entrepreneurship. So, the program focus on startups’ Black and minority founders to shape the future of work in different industries. Participants will attend weekly training and mentorship, masterclasses, and networking events to grow their businesses. 

New Global Accelerator Program for Black and Minority Entrepreneurs in South Africa

In addition, Remote Year allows participants to experience full immersion in South African culture. The digital nomad platform will provide: 

  • Private local accommodations
  • Coworking space 
  • Access to local experiences
  • Community programming
  • Social impact projects
  • Supporting staff
  • Health and safety resources
  • City and program orientations

If Venture Noire takes care of educational organization, Remote Year welcomes and onboards participants. As a result, the Global Accelerator Program for Black and Minority entrepreneurs combine professional growth; networking opportunities; and traveling time. 

The deadline to apply to the program is May 15th. As Venture Noire Founder Keenan Beasley, said: “We believe that the rise in remote work is here to stay. And it has already shifted the ways businesses fundamentally operate and adapt. With this partnership, we’re putting the best and brightest minds into the future of work. By expanding internationally, we can bring even more diverse founders and entrepreneurs into our community to network, impact, and empower.”


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