Givex Launches Remote Work Policy

Canada remote work policy
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Givex Information Technology Group Ltd. recently disclosed details of its global policy on remote work. This news is a significant step for the Toronto-based business, which now has more than 310 people spread over 12 locations in 10 nations.

“It has been almost 30 months since our teams left our offices and started working from home in March 2020. During this time, we have proven that Givex can thrive in a remote work environment. The Givex executive management team made the decision to offer a full-time work from home policy to meet the needs of our hard-working, productive employees across the globe, while also providing the option to work in the office for those who desire to do so.”Don Gray, CEO, Givex

Since March 2020, Givex has achieved significant business milestones while operating remotely, including a more than 50% increase in annual revenue, positive cash flow, the completion of three acquisitions (Loyalty Lane, Kalex, and Pi Cash Systeme), going public on the TSX in Canada and the OTC in the U.S., and establishing the Givex Hub in Brazil, which is now facilitating millions of consumer transactions.

Additionally, Givex expanded its list of services to include GivexPay and Merchant of Record, created two data centres, significantly improved its GivexPOS system, and is now setting up more than 1,500 additional sites. Over 115,000 active locations worldwide are retailers who use at least one Givex service.

“We are incredibly proud of our ability to pivot quickly to a remote working environment while increasing the size and scope of our team and not losing any significant client. In addition, we made several quick but thoughtful decisions about our internal systems to improve our communication and stay closely connected across our 12 offices.”Don Gray, CEO, Givex

Employees of Givex will be expected to participate in two team meetings held in the office each month for the processing of issues, idea sharing, and collaboration as well as quarterly activities.

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