Steps to Get the Perfect Remote Job

how to get perfect remote job

A year after the beginning of this 2020 global pandemic, we are all adapting to a different way of working and living. With daily habits, priorities slowly started to change too. After a year of quarantines and lockdown, you start to appreciate skipping traffic every day or realizing how much you send for lunches in the offices. Until you find yourself asking a question looking outside the window: how to get the perfect remote job?

The only certainty we all have is that remote work is here to stay. Over 42% of US workers are working remotely full-time. Giants like Twitter and Facebook joined the remote revolution planning hybrid work models even after the pandemic. The benefits of remote work aren’t only for employers. Besides its challenges, remote workers are less stressed and have higher productivity than on-site workers.

In this particular historical moment, the competition for remote positions feels overwhelming. And despite the thousands of companies transitioning to fully remote or hybrid models, finding the perfect remote jobs seems impossible. 

The question of the moment is: How to stand out from the competition and get the perfect remote job?

How to Get a Remote Job in 3 Easy Steps

1. Get Your Technology Ready 

Being ‘tech-friendly’ is a winning card for any job. For remote jobs, it’s a necessity. To work in a distributed team, you need to be up-to-date with tools and software for your industry. All your tasks will be online, and so the interaction with your team. Can you imagine doing weekly meetings with poor connection? Without the right technology, any remote position will turn into a nightmare in 2 weeks. So, even before starting the job search, do some research on the type of tools you need to work remotely, and make sure to be ready for any question about it!  

2. Find Remote Job Sites

How to find the best remote work online? The first step is looking on the right platforms. Typing ‘virtual’ or ‘remote’ as location on Linkedin or Indeed’s search bar isn’t the best strategy. As we mentioned, there are thousands of companies allowing remote positions. However, there is a difference between hybrid and fully remote companies with a solid company culture built to make the job enjoyable and productive. 

If you are looking for the perfect remote job, you can use keywords like ‘fully remote companies to work from anywhere, ‘friendly-remote companies’, or ‘find a job as a digital nomad.’

Based on your background, you can find job boards specialized in remote positions within your field. You can subscribe to have notifications about new positions coming up or simply to broaden your network. For example, Nomad Habitat, or Upwork are great platforms to start your research.

3. Think Why You Want A Remote Job

Remote work has many benefits, and challenges. It’s hard to unplug, and for some positions, a remote setting can feel lonely. For example, if you are a developer, you will probably end up working alone on your deadline with regular check-ins with your team. On the other hand, a position in HR can be overwhelming because it requires more calls and collaborative tasks.

Remote positions aren’t all the same, and so aren’t companies. When you look for a remote job, look closely at the company you are applying for. Is it a hybrid or full-remote model? What type of policy do they promote for remote workers? To get the top benefits of working from home, company culture and team dynamics are also priorities to consider in the long run.

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How Do You Get Hired For A Remote Job?

The next challenge to get the perfect remote job is getting hired. As obvious as it sounds, one thing is learning where to apply. Another thing is making the application successful. Especially if you are used to on-site positions, switching to a ‘remote mindset’ can take longer when you write your application. Here are a few things to keep in mind to stand out from the competition! 

how to get perfect remote job

Job Application 

When you write your job application for your perfect remote job, be honest about your experience. If you never worked in a remote company, don’t lie about it. Instead, use your lack of experience to your vantage. 

Think of the transferable skills that will make a great fit with a distributed team; or being enthusiastic about what you could provide from your previous background. If you have experience in a virtual setting, illustrate how you used to use your tools, interacting with your team, and prioritizing work. 

Remote Interviews 

As we mentioned earlier, remote work has both benefits and challenges. When you start your remote interview, a manager doesn’t want people motivated because they can skip the morning traffic jam. A team leader wants someone that can fit with the team and be a valuable addition to the company in the long run. When you think about why you want to apply for a remote position, don’t just focus on the ‘remote’ elements. For sure, you will be working from home, but that’s not the only thing you are going to do during the day. What is it motivating you for that specific role – besides the fact that it’s remote?   

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Company Culture 

How a company builds its culture is fundamental for a long collaboration. When looking for a remote job, bear in mind that fully and hybrid companies are different. As we mentioned before, fully remote companies have a solid onboarding process and remote communication practices. In hybrid companies, especially transitioning because of the last events, a new remote hire can be harder to insert into the centralized workforce.

Of course, no company, whether onsite, remote, or hybrid is perfect. However, based on your background and priorities, this difference can guide you in selecting the best remote position! 

Get Ready For The Perfect Remote Job! 

Remote work is getting more popular than ever. And a remote position can be a game-changer to achieve a healthier work-life balance. But you need to be ready with your tools and what your role will require.

To recap, to find the best remote job you need to look on the right platform and research which company will be the best fit for you. After that, put all your passion and expertise into the job application and keep trying. 

The fact that the job is remote, doesn’t mean you’ll be working alone. If you find the right company, you’ll have a team working side by side with you. And you can even end up finding overseas friends!  


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