New Lab for Future Federal Workplaces 

future federal workplaces

The General Services Administration launched its Workplace Innovation Lab. It aims to offer new insights to agencies’ employees to rethink future federal workplaces. 

Federal agencies kept hybrid arrangements for most of their offices. So, they launch a 25,000-square-foot-space co-working in the GSA’s headquarters. The space provides a modern-office style, meeting rooms, and space for events. As GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan said:” The future of the office workplace is now. We’re imagining and building it right here in partnership with industry innovators and our federal customers.”

Members can book a reservation for conference rooms or private spaces on the lab website. The flexible space is free of charge for the upcoming year. The goal is to make the GSA a pilot for other agencies willing to rethink future federal workplaces. 

Furthermore, the space provides new technology features to give information in real time like: 

  • Occupancy
  • Reservation times
  • Temperature
  • Air quality 
  • Other climate data 

The data support the agency in implementing the space according to different needs. Finally, members can access kitchens with a range of snacks and beverages, a relaxation area, and innovative conferencing tools. 

The initiative shows how future federal workplaces respond to the growing tendency for flexibility. 


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