Freedom Business Summit: Digital Nomadism, Location-Independent Entrepreneurship, and More!


Today was the first day of Freedom Business Summit, and it was filled with experts talking about diverse topics related to digital nomadism and remote work. Conversations, interviews, presentations, and panel discussions took place on the platform, making the dynamic fun and entertaining.

If you want to learn more about becoming a location-independent professional, programs for digital nomads, visas and relocation, and building and managing remote teams, you can´t miss the second day of Freedom Business Summit. Get your FREE tickets here! 

FBS: Some of the Key Moments

Dhiren Harchandani – Get Rid of the Things You Can´t Control

Dhiren Harchandani is a mindset and essentialism expert. During his Freedom Business Summit presentation, he focused on teaching how a contaminated mindset can impact your business growth and shared a simple tool to start focusing on the things that matter most.

“Some things we can control, other things we can’t. The reality is you are only conscious of 5% of your thoughts; 95% is subconscious. Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. It doesn’t know what is in your control and what isn’t. This is why we create this chaos. To eliminate that chaos, we must communicate with our subconscious mind in a language we understand: symbols. Do a symbolic act, write the things you can’t control on a piece of paper, and then rip or burn it. Here you’re telling your subconscious that all these things are no longer something you should keep worrying about.” 

Panel Discussion: Building a Business in a New Reality 

A diverse panel of speakers from SafetyWing, IndexDev, Livit, and Ruul share valuable experiences on how they operate their remote businesses. They discussed strategies to manage both employees and clients globally and also topics commonly debated online, like how to take care of payments and transactions and choosing the best jurisdiction for your company. 

Sergei Zunajev – What You Need to Know About e-Residence Estonia

Sergei Zunajev is responsible for the expansion of the Estonian e-Residency program. During this session, he gave an overview of how Estonia transitioned from being a post-soviet country full of corruption and poverty to a technology-oriented country considered the “silicon valley of Europe nowadays.”

He shared why it’s beneficial to run your company via e-Residency Estonia and even shared how entrepreneurs can register their companies. Spoiler: it only takes 30 minutes to do so!  

“With this high digitalization, we were able to completely destroy corruption and bureaucracy, but it also has positively affected the business jurisdiction. For example, you can register a company in just 30 minutes, which is significantly faster than other countries.” 

Freedom Business Summit: November 10th

Tomorrow is the second day of this huge online event. And key companies will take place with representatives sharing experiences, tips, and strategies regarding remote work! Here are some of the many speakers you can´t miss!

Sharon Koifman (From ThinkRemote) – Building a Remote Company

What you´ll learn: 

  • Benefits of hiring remote workers
  • How to keep your company culture alive remotely – or even build one from scratch
  • Understand Synchronous and Asynchronous work
  • How to create Independent workers

Panel Talk – Second Residency, Visas, and Relocation

Tarek Kholoussy (Indonesia), Kristin Vierra (Argentina), and Nienke Nina Keizer (Netherlands) take over to discuss a hot topic among digital nomads: visas and relocation. 

What you´ll learn: 

  • Long-Term Residency Visas
  • Global Immigration & Citizenship Programs 
  • Best countries for relocation and getting residency visas
  • Nomads Giving Back: give back to local communities and create positive social change around the world

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