Latvia: Free Training for Remote Work 

free training remote work

August 12th will be International Youth Day. And the Latvia social enterprise ‘Visas iespējas’ will offer free training for remote work. 

The social enterprise ‘Visas iespējas‘ (All chances) launched the ‘Go Remote’ project. The initiative aims to offer young people free training for demanding data processing, customer service, or digital marketing skills.

After the pandemic, Latvia joined the trend by launching a digital nomad visa. Now, a new project related to remote work targets young people. According to IZM, Latvia reached the highest youth unemployment rate in the last two years – 20% higher than the average European rate. 

Free Training for Remote Work and New Opportunities

So, free training for remote work is an alternative solution to open more job opportunities for young people. The social enterprise will start numerous training courses at the beginning of September. And 150 participants will attend 120 hours of free courses to grow their skills and compete in the job market. From data processing to digital marketing, young people can subscribe via “” website.

As director of the Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Institute, Dace Helmand, said: “It is very common to hear about cases where this young employee comes to work and decides after half a day that they will choose any other plans for the future. The second group that we are talking about is also in an age when people are planning to build a family. And this is another issue that is concerning potential employers – that soon these people will have to look after their children and that, unfortunately, they also often discourage employers from looking, especially at the employment of young women. I think there is a need to continue to activate the practice options. The second, which would certainly help to boost youth employment, is already early enough to give young people an understanding of what employers expect, so that potential employees have a sufficiently realistic view of the working environment, working conditions.”

So, free training for remote work becomes another example of new opportunities arising from this growing trend. 


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