Latvia Digital Nomad Visa

Following other EU countries’ examples, Latvia announces a digital nomad visa for remote workers.

After COVID restrictions had been lifted, most people had to go back to the office. However, others embraced a remote work lifestyle. And keep working remotely to be able to travel and improve their work-life balance. 

Countries like CroatiaAlbania, and Romania have already started this process. As a result, this initiative supports the local economy and tourism industry in restarting in a post-pandemic scenario. Indeed, long-stay travelers are one of the best solutions to welcome more people safely into the country. 

As a result of this trend, Latvia announces a Digital Nomad Visa for remote workers. People can work remotely and live in the country according to the following requirements: 

  • Average income of at least €2.857.50 per month.
  • Remote job that requires technology tools. 
  • Proof of employment with a foreign company for at least six months.

The visa for remote workers will allow people to live in Latvia for 1 year. However, the law still needs to pass through the parliament to take effect. 

For now, it looks like the Latvia visa initiative won’t include workers’ rights or social assistance in the country. However, the final program is still a work in progress. 

For more updates about Latvia Digital Nomad Visa, check here.


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