Free Desks for North Devon Workers 

Free desks

For International Coworking Day, North Devon workers can access free desks! 

Node Cowork (Barnstaple) will offer free workplaces on the 9th of August, the International Coworking Day. The co-working and small business Town Square Spaces Ltd (TownSq) run the space on behalf of Devon County Council. So, the initiative County Council, the European Regional Development Fund, and Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership partly fund the initiative. 

The idea behind free desks is to offer a flexible workspace and share different backgrounds. In addition to sharing costs, a co-working space is a solution to meet like-minded people and other professionals. 

This trend is growing worldwide to cope with pandemic challenges and improve local economies. People can work closer to their homes and create a dynamic and vibrant local context.

As Community Manager for Node, Julian Dymond, said “As more people and organisations embrace a hybrid working model, it’s becoming clear that flexibility is key. Working from home is great, but you lose a lot of the benefits of working with other people. Similarly, commuting to an office takes away a lot of freedom and work/life balance that people are starting to prize [..] We believe that co-working has a big part to play in solving these challenges. As well as the benefits of working with others, such as natural networking, collaboration and mutual idea and problem-solving, workers can also ditch the commute and home energy costs by working from a local, shared space.”

Free desks for remote workers are another way to celebrate the benefits of flexible workplaces and remote work.


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