Co-working Festival Marks New Trend 

co-working festival

A co-working festival celebrating local businesses in Swansea; Denbighshire; and the Vale of Glamorgan marks a new trend.

Part of the Cowork Local Project, the initiative combines flexible workspace to high streets, community spaces, and venues. As most people prefer flexible work solutions, this initiative wants to connect remote work and social life.

After three days festival, different venues open their doors to remote workers with desks for co-working. And promoting talks and Q&A during lunch break as a networking opportunity.

During the festival, members had free access to the Cowork Local spaces to experience a different workplace. The long-term plan is to create an interactive and dynamic hub for the area’s digital nomads and remote workers. So, people can support each other in the community and avoid isolation and commuting. 

After founding over 85% of people willing to work close to their homes, the co-working and business support experts Town Square Spaces Ltd (TownSq) launched the initiative. The goal is to support community businesses like cafes and small shops with people working in the area.

As co-founder and CEO of TownSq, Gareth Jones said: “We’re so proud to have kicked off Cowork Local with the Festival of Coworking to engage with the small business community and convey what the project is all about. Local enterprise is a key part of the economic landscape here, and it’s a privilege to be connecting local venues with the thriving business community.”


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