Estonia: E-residency Program For Diversity

e-residency program diversity

Estonia: The e-residency program for diversity provides digital access to European markets. Unlike digital nomad visas, it doesn’t grant residency in the country. 

The program was launched in 2014. Since then, 93,000 e-residents from 179 countries have been moving to Estonia. Known as a unicorn factory, the country is popular for its vibrant tech hubs and startup scene. 

Home Skype, Wise, and Bolt, Estonia’s e-residency program for diversity make the country one of the most dynamic places in Europe. However, the aim of the program isn’t to attract more residents in the country. But to improve and expand the digital market.

Once applicants pass the e-residency process is complete, they get an ID card to fill out their tax information and run everything online. In short, it allows the same rights as any other digital business in Estonia.

Following the program’s launch, over 21,000 new Estonian companies flourished, with more than €10 billion in cumulative turnover. As the Ministery says: “We believe it really makes running a business very democratic, because in many countries people think that you have to be rich to start the company. We think that if you want to become rich, start a company,” Haav said.

Finally, after the Russian attack, Ukrainian entrepreneurs can apply for free. The e-residency program for diversity means helping businesses to start a new companies. And provide enough benefits to launch their products and positively impact the local economy. 


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