81% of Employers Don’t Have a Post-Pandemic Compensation Strategy for Remote Employees


According to Payscale’s research released on Wednesday, 81% of employers don’t have a compensation strategy for remote employees, although they are concerned about the impact this could have. In some cases, companies will take pay cuts on employees who want to work remotely, but in most cases, they are unsure what the best strategy is. 

2021 has shown the power that employees have in companies. In many cases, when employers were calling them back to the office, workers continued insisting on working remotely. Consequently, companies like Apple and Google had to negotiate with their employees to reach an agreement between working onsite and remote. 

However, in some cases, those who want to work remotely full-time will experience pay cuts. Google was one of the major companies that announced that those who wanted to work remotely could suffer pay cuts

Post-Pandemic Compensation Plans

According to payscale’s new research, remote work will be highly expected once the pandemic ends. While 43% of employees expect that flexible arrangements increase after the pandemic, only 50% of organizations say they will have a hybrid office. 

Regarding compensation, 81% of employers do not have a compensation strategy that involves remote workers, although they are concerned about the impact. 

According to research, in areas like IT and marketing, the expectation for remote work options increases to more than 70%. However, only 50% of the organizations say they will implement a hybrid workplace.

According to PayScale CEO Scott Torrey:

The last 18 months have shown us how productive and connected we can all be virtually, so it comes as no surprise that workers will continue to expect remote work or increased flexibility when the pandemic ends. Forcing employees back to the office full time will no doubt result in turnover, yet many organizations don’t seem to be prepared for that reality. Ultimately, it’s about people doing their best work, regardless of location, and the employers who are actively listening and making accommodations to improve the employment experience are most likely to come out on top.

Payscale’s research also discovered that 30% of employers are still undecided about their pay strategy post-covid. Data show different approaches to remote-based pay, with remote employees that at not earning less compensation than those who work onsite. 


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