37% of Employees Are Willing to Resign Due to Lack of Career Prospects and Remote Work Opportunities

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A Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report found that 37% of the 7,000 employees surveyed are close to resigning due to a lack of career prospects and inflexible work environments. 

Employees across diverse industries such as construction, distribution, manufacturing, health care, retail, and transportation are reportedly unsatisfied with their jobs, and many are considering quitting and looking for different career paths. 

Employee Insatisfaction Across Different Sectors

The Boston Consulting Group surveyed more than 7,000 employees across Australia, France, Germany, India, Japan, the UK, and the US and found that 37% were close to quitting their jobs to a lack of career prospects and job insatisfaction.

Many of these employees are considered “deskless workers,” meaning they don’t have the option of going remote or enjoying flexible schedules.

Across the countries surveyed, employees between 18 and 24 were more likely to leave their jobs that those aged between 58-65. 

Across all seven nations surveyed (Australia, France, Germany, India, Japan, the UK, and the US), employees aged 18 to 24 were far more likely to leave their jobs than those aged 58-65.

  • 48% of Gen Z workers were at risk of quitting in the next 6 months
  • Japan´s deskless employees showed the weakest attachment to their jobs, with 42% planning to leave (11%), undecided (24%), and unwilling to make commitments beyond six months (7%)

According to the survey, the main reason that employees want to quit is due to a lack of career prospects. Other top reasons were:

  • Pay (30%)
  • Lack of flexibility (28%)
  • Work-life balance (22%)
  • Professional fulfillment (15%)

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