The 5 Work Models Emerging From the Pandemic

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The pandemic forced thousands of companies to implement remote work strategies. However, although the most common work models currently are either full-time remote work or hybrid work models, they are not the only ones. Swinburne University of Technology researchers John Hopkins and Anne Bardoel surveyed a wide range of Australian businesses. They identified five distinct employment models emerging. 

Businesses are prioritizing is to provide employees with flexibility and alternative ways of working.

5 Post-Pandemic Work Models

The shift of business models provides the opportunity to redefine and design different ways to work better for everyone. According to the Swinburne University of Technology study, these are the 5 emerging work models: 

1. Full-Time Office Workers: Working from the office on a full-time basis. Although this work model is not the most common one, a minority of firms are calling their employees back to the office

2. Full-Time Remote Workers: They can work remotely all of the time without going back to the office. After experimenting with remote work for almost two years, many firms are ditching the office and redesigning their workplace, focusing on a remote environment. 

3. Office Frequency and Days Both Fixed: Employees will have to attend the office a specific number of set days, and on the other days, they can work remotely. (For example, from Monday to Wednesday they need to attend to the office; and Thursday and Friday they can work remotely)

4. Fixed Office Frequency But Attendance Days Flexible: Employees are required to go to the office for a specific number of days, but they can choose which days they want to work from the office and which ones from home. 

5. Workers Choose Location Where They Work and When: They have absolute freedom to choose how they want to work, whether in the office full-time, remotely full-time, or anything in between. 

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