Elafonisos is Taking Steps to Attract Remote Workers

Attract remote workers Elfonisos
Photo by Nick Panourgias on Unsplash

A little island called Elafonisos, which is south of the Peloponnese, is making an effort to draw remote workers thanks to a project that was started by the Global Hellenic Diaspora network and backed by the island’s government.

Over 150,000 people make up the Global Hellenic Diaspora, a network of Greeks and Philhellenes who reside overseas.

The initiative includes the offering of travel packages with activities like pilgrim tours, olive and herb picking, visiting the nearby 5,000-year-old Pavlopetri sunken city, exploring the island’s Simos cave, and learning traditional dances. It also aims to provide people with a destination where they can combine remote working with experiential tourism.

Mayor of Elafonisos Efi Liarou expressed support for the idea and emphasized that people who select Elafonisos would be able to take advantage of all the island has to offer and get engaged in the community while carrying out their professional commitments.

Visitors can become active in the community while they are on the island by volunteering for causes like coastline cleanup or by using their professional expertise, such as physicians or scientists.

The initiative’s available travel packages were developed by the tour and activities website Upiria, and are available online.

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